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How can I help?

We are so grateful for everyone who has asked us this question. Brandon, Julie, and Peter are taking things one day a time. We will do our best to update this page as new specific needs arise.


We are all doing well, but do miss Steph terribly. Here are a few specific areas that you can be in prayer for us:

  • Homeschooling - We are continuing with Classical Conversations, but I am also looking at other curriculum to support. This is one thing Steph and I did discuss :) More details in a coming blog post I am sure.
  • Administrative items - Insurance, account updates, contact updates, etc.
  • Job opportunities - Another coming blog post. I am taking some extended time off to get settled with the kids, but still will need to figure out what is next.
  • Travel - We hope to get some fun trips in this winter/fall. Prayer for wisdom while planning and safety while traveling.