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Latest Updates and Prayer Requests

Stephanie Schoenberger
Stephanie Schoenberger
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Latest Updates and Prayer Requests

So they found out I have leukemia cells in my cerebral spinal fluid. The doctors want to be aggressive about tackling that, which means extra lumbar punctures, testing,  and treatment. I’m glad they’re testing it early and often to attack the leukemia there, too.

We were encouraged that the number of leukemia blast cells have gone down already! So we’re heading in the right direction. Praising the Lord for that the chemo treatments are making a difference!!

The goal is remission during the second cycle, so they are being aggressive, and testing where I’m at frequently. It sounds like it will be an intense few weeks to reach that goal.

Please pray with us that I keep my strength up for this part of the battle. And that the result is reaching that remission goal.

Tonight Julie was cheering for the chemotherapy to charge and attack the bad cells in my body. At the dinner table she was raising her fist and saying “Attack, Attack!”

So we are in Attack Mode for this part of the battle. Please pray for strength for our family during these coming weeks.

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Nancy Schmidt 6 days ago · 0 Likes

Hi Stephanie - I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this. Tom and I are praying for full remission!

Stephanie 5 days ago · 0 Likes

Thank you for the prayers, they truly help so much!

Lauren Harper A week ago · 0 Likes

Stephanie, I’m definitely praying with you for strength and remission. Also, adding prayers for you to feel some calm and peace even during this aggressive attack mode.

Ray Rhoton A week ago · 0 Likes

Attack! Attack!! For Stephanie!!!!