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God is Answering Our Prayers

Stephanie Schoenberger
Stephanie Schoenberger
2 min read
God is Answering Our Prayers

We’re getting ready to wrap up on my first inpatient hospital treatment for Leukemia.  Here’s some of the prayers that we’ve seen answered so far:

  • Visiting hours were 11-8, not for 1 hour like my paperwork said, so Brandon has been able to be with me during the days.
  • I have not felt scared or lonely being in the hospital on my own over nights.
  • I was dreading side affects, especially nausea. So far I’ve experienced NO NAUSEA at all. I’m feeling strong, energetic and in good spirits.
  • I’ve been feeling the prayers of friends and family, helping me remember the truth of the gospel, and rebuke any lies that come my way.
  • The doctors say the treatment is doing what it’s supposed to, and to stay the course.
  • Grandma Paulette has been taking amazing care of the kids, so I can focus on being here, and Brandon can do things for me, the kids, and himself.
  • The kids are handling all the changes so well. They ask me how I’m feeling and when I’m coming home every time I’m on the phone with them. So thankful for technology to see and talk to them.
  • The family was able to come see me through the window.
  • I’m supposed to go home tomorrow. Can’t wait to hug my kids, and be home with my family!
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Anna Vagt 2 weeks ago · 0 Likes

🧡🧡 That's so great to hear, Stephanie! I'm so glad things are going well and thankful for all those ways God has so tangibly been present and answered your prayers!

Sydney 2 weeks ago · 0 Likes

Praise God for how he has heard and answered!!! ❤️❤️

Ethan Lorimor 2 weeks ago · 0 Likes

Great news! Thank you for the update!

Ryan Dudley 2 weeks ago · 0 Likes


Lauren Harper 2 weeks ago · 0 Likes

That’s a lot of good news!

Ray Rhoton 2 weeks ago · 0 Likes

Great news! It’s hard being away from the kids! Keep fighting!

Aunt Sherry 2 weeks ago · 0 Likes

So thankful for answered prayers! Love you, Stephanie, and am continuing to pray fervently for you! Aunt Sherry

Uncle Randy 2 weeks ago · 0 Likes

Great news! We’re praying for you both.



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